Meet the cOaching team!

Eliana Goldstein, Founder

Eliana founded her coaching business at the end of 2019 with the mission of supporting her ambitious clients to reach the next level in their careers. Through developing the mindsets, learning the strategies and setting the right goals, she's helped thousands of her clients create the success they desire where they are or through completely pivoting into something different. Eliana's belief is that everyone deserves a career that gets them excited and pays them well. 

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Brenda Litzinger, Co-coach

Brenda believes everyone deserves a job that engages and energizes them. She has coached hundreds of clients across industries and amid career transitions. As the co-coach for The Career Upgrade, Brenda provides personalized, high-quality feedback on clients' resumes and LinkedIn profiles. The result is materials that faithfully represent the applicant's skills and values so they're positioned to find work aligned with their professional goals.

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Cassie Spencer, Co-coach

Cassie has a passion for helping others leverage their  skills, experiences, and passions to build meaningful careers. She has worked with 600+ clients across a range of industries and experience levels to explore their careers, gain career confidence and job search strategically. Cassie works with clients 1:1 via deep dive strategy sessions to gain clarity about their next steps, develop  job searching strategies and establish practical, impactful career goals. 

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Maddie Kahn Deamer, Co-Coach

Maddie has spent over 12 years in client success and leadership development in the tech industry. She’s passionate about empowering and enabling individuals, teams, and leaders to overcome obstacles and achieve their full potential. Maddie coaches her clients to sharpen their self-awareness and communication skills, building confidence in their strengths. Goal setting, accountability, and commitment to growth are fundamental to Maddies coaching style and process.

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Megan Myers, Co-coach

Megan specializes in mindset work, career clarity, and job search strategy, she empowers individuals to overcome mental barriers, gain clarity about their career paths, and articulate their professional narratives confidently. Drawing on her experience in both recruiting, career coaching, and counseling, Megan offers tailored guidance, utilizing self-reflection exercises, targeted research methods, and practical tools to help clients transition from uncertainty to enthusiasm about their next steps. She has successfully supported clients through various career transitions, including large shifts across industries from teaching to computer programming.

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Mahea Marks, Executive Support & Partnerships

Mahea is the engine that keeps the company running! She supports the business across social media management & engagement, podcast interviews & brand partnerships as well as a variety of ad-hoc projects across the business.

Email: [email protected]

Blake Kramer, Director of Client Relationships

A former client of Eliana's, Blake is currently a Growth Sales Partner at a venture backed technology startup. A proud New Yorker and avid basketball fan, Blake loves fostering close relationships with his clients to help them achieve their professional and personal goals. 

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