what it's like wOrking with Our cOACHING TEAM!

New jobs & internships
Salary increases & raises
Clarity & Confidence
Nailing interviews

New jObs & internships...

She helped me articulate the specific criteria I was looking for in this next chapter to make a substantial change in my environment and career trajectory.

"Eliana was such an incredible resource for me during my job searching process! She was a fearless cheerleader, wealth of information and an extremely integral part of landing my new role. Eliana helped me to identify my strengths, explore areas of growth and determine the best next steps for me in my 6-7 years of experience in the entertainment / marketing industries."

Lauren D. - Acquisition Manager

I found the EXACT role I was looking for and was promoted (with a raise) within 3 months!

"I was really lost in my career and didn't know what I wanted to do (except that I didn't want to keep doing what I was doing) or how I would even be able to transition into a new career once I learned what I wanted. Working with Eliana really helped me find my inner boss. She helped me focus on what I excelled at and enjoyed doing so I could plot a new way forward and then gave me the tools and strategies I needed to go forth and conquer [...] Her strategies and tips continue to help me even after I landed the job."

Remi K. - Marketing Manager

I received a 6 figure job offer in a new and exciting career field.

"Eliana is a great career coach. I was looking to transition and pivot out of a 17 year career and did not know where to start. I found Eliana on LinkedIn. She was quick to respond, very professional and we immediately connected [...] I received a 6 figure job offer in a new and exciting career field. She helped me see my worth, knowledge and value and how to relay that information to others."

Ricky P. - Vendor Risk Management Lead

Salary increases & raises...

I was able to land an executive level job with a much higher salary that she helped me navigate negotiations for.

"I was considering a career change and not sure where to start. Not only did Eliana teach me very practical skills relating to networking, interviewing, and a refreshed approach to job searching, she also helped me with those intangible things that are often so hard to get clear on: what do I really enjoy about my work, what gets me excited, and what I want out of my career now and five years from now. Eliana is an amazing teacher, resource, cheerleader and a expert at people skills and advocating for yourself."

Lila H. - VP of Design and Product Development

I accepted a new role and used Eliana's negotiating tips for an 8% salary increase.

"I started working with Eliana after a significant break from the US Workforce and return back to the country from abroad. I was looking to potentially switch career paths but perhaps also stay in a similar space or close to what my background is in as long as I had room to grow. I've recently accepted a role at a start up that touches on all my interests, relies heavily on my background and in a new direction from what I had been doing previously - with room to grow! With Eliana's virtual career coaching group classes, we discussed networking, resume tips, salary negotiation and interview strategies.

Sophy C. - Community Manager

I was able to get a promotion in under 90 days (with a 17% salary increase.)

"I started working with Eliana as I was just leaving a role leaving me burned out, exhausted, and lacking confidence. During our screening call, I let her know I was going to accept a new role and without even being her client, she told me exactly how I needed to negotiate to increase my new salary. Over the course of 10 weeks, we worked together to understand my core strengths, what are my differentiating factors, and how I could set myself up for success in my new role."

Olivia G. - Senior Manager Customer Support

Clarity & COnfidence...

I am so much clearer about my career path and have made incredible progress in networking, applying to roles, and holding myself accountable to my goals.

"I knew I wanted to make a career shift but felt overwhelmed and lost about how to move forward. I was particularly struggling to take the next step and hold myself accountable to making a change. [...] Eliana offered so many nuggets of wisdom about self-development; since working with her I have noticed a positive shift in my general mindset and the strength of my relationships. I now feel so much more confident about my career path and empowered to take ownership over important career and life decisions."

Helen R. - Design Strategist

El’s tools and tactics brought clarity to my career search, and empowered me to land a new job, at an amazing company!

"Working with El has been the definition of a game changer for my confidence & my career. When I first came to El I felt lost, overwhelmed, and generally frightened by the idea of making a career shift. [...] She instilled the confidence i needed in myself to seek out new opportunities, network, and ultimately ace the interview process. El is an amazing coach, natural motivator, keen listener and an incredible advocate for her clients."

Blake K. - Sales Director

She instilled in me the confidence to go after any job or company, no matter how intimidating they seem.

"I was at a turning point in my career where I had achieved success, but was painfully unhappy, burnt out, and unfulfilled by the work I was doing. I knew I needed to pivot, instead of simply jumping from one job to the next, but had no clue what that looked like or how to go about doing it. With Eliana’s expert guidance, out-of-the-box thinking, and unwavering support, my approach to job hunting changed completely. I loved every minute of working with and learning from Eliana, and am so grateful to have her as a mentor, advocate, and friend for life."

Alexandra L. - Copy Manager

Nailing interviews...

She helped me feel confident in speaking about myself and my work, allowed me to better identify my strengths and my goals, and taught me how to interview like a pro.

"Eliana has helped me SO much in my career [...] working with her I discovered a new field of work, got my dream job at a company with an incredibly uplifting culture and great benefits, and vastly increased my income. I recommend Eliana to everyone!"

Mary D. - Social Impact Specialist

Eliana emphasized the importance of developing a pitch to come into the interview prepared and knowledgeable, and taught me how to develop a confident mindset in order to drive my points home succinctly.

“Eliana has allowed me to grow and progress in my career in numerous ways, but the areas she has made the most significant impacts in were definitely interviewing skills and salary negotiation [...] Her TCU modules walked me through how to prepare for the interview, the questions I should ask, as well as how and when I should follow up. My interviewer was not only extremely impressed, at a final panel interview she introduced me to the team as “Jessica, the person who always does her homework before a meeting!” I would not have been nearly as thorough or knowledgeable about the company and the value I was bringing to the table if not for Eliana’s wise beyond her years advice. In addition, once I got my dream offer, Eliana gave me a script to help me negotiate my salary."

Jessica F. - Senior Digital Strategist

I would get maybe 1 interview every 2 months but with Eliana guidance and leadership, I got at least 5 interviews in 1 month with a brand new resume/cover letter.

"TCU was probably one of the greatest decisions I have made in terms of my career and where I want to go. All of her coaching classes and guest speakers gave me the confidence I needed. When I started back in November, my cover letter and resume needed A TON of work and I had no idea . I would get maybe 1 interview every 2 months but with Eliana guidance and leadership, I have gotten at least 5 interviews in 1 month with a brand new resume/cover letter. I am in a much better place in my career search now then I was before."

Kenny T. - Sales Manager