Does any of this sound like you?

  • You feel stuck and unclear about where you’re at professionally and what the future looks like

  • You graduated from college, even got your masters thinking you were set. Now whether it’s 1, 5 or 10 years later, you wonder whether you’re comfortable with your current reality being the rest of your life

  • You find it hard to create and then actually stick to goals you set for yourself

  • You have a really hard time making decisions because you’re scared of doing or choosing the wrong thing and what that “failure” would mean

  • You often wonder whether the pattern and repetitiveness that’s become your day to day life at work and outside of work are normal and you’re eager to change it up  

  • Your romantic life whether you have a partner or are single can leave you feeling unsure and wondering how to take your love life to the next level

  • You feel like you’re settling for “good enough” across multiple areas of your life and want to finally access your inner boss

It doesn’t NEED to be this way and working with a coach can help you!

The Ways We Can Work Together

1:1 Coaching


  • A customized coaching experience to support you where you’re at

  • 3 or 6 month coaching packages

  • Weekly 60-minute coaching calls via zoom

  • Direct access to me as your coach via the Voxer app

  • Email and text support as needed throughout coaching process

  • Weekly assignments, journal prompts and activities that move you towards your goals

Interested? Set up a complimentary discovery call with me!

Group Coaching


  • Join an empowered coaching group with like-minded women

  • (6) group coaching calls

  • (3) 1:1 coaching calls with me to ensure personalized support throughout

  • Access to group slack channel for support, cheering and sharing throughout the process

  • Weekly assignments, journal prompts and activities that move you towards your goals

Interested? Set up a complimentary discovery call with me!

The F.A.S.T. Online Course


  • Lifetime access to 3+ hours worth of video trainings that you can go through at your own pace

  • 5 modules that outline the F.A.S.T. Online System

  • 2 bonus modules that cover networking and time management & prioritization

  • 7 printable worksheets to use and fill out for EACH module and come away with the correct take aways

  • Access to my Private Facebook Group – The Millennial Success Society

Interested? Go here to learn more and enroll!

What My Clients Say

Eliana was instrumental in helping me get on track with my career. I needed guidance on narrowing down my career interests and potential employers, as well as in approaching employers effectively and successfully. I am so grateful to Eliana for her assistance during this stressful process and highly recommend Elianas services to anyone whose going through a career transition or just needs to chat things through! Thanks Eliana!

Danit H

As someone who has used a few coaches in the past with little results, I can’t fully express how impressed I was with the skill Eliana used to help me wade through my own false “stories”, which have been holding me back in both my personal relationships and professional career. It’s as if she unlocked this power inside of me and helped change the narrative that has been playing over and over again in my head. Through her authentic nature and inquisitive approach, I was able to clearly see how my old automatic responses and actions to certain events (e.g. problems in a relationship or lack of passion at work) led to the same results and lack of progress. By showing me these patterns and asking different questions, I was able to visualize a new path, one that I could implement right away. I’m excited to continue to work with her!

Bennet B

The biggest benefit I received through working with Eliana was having a safe space to share my big visions, verbally process my thoughts, uncover the truth of what was blocking me, and get clear on the steps I needed to take to get what I desire. One of the biggest awakenings I had was realizing that I was ineffectively setting boundaries in personal and professional relationships, and that this was a holding me back from leveraging my potential as a leader and attracting a long-term partner. This new awareness let to me being able to identify what having healthy boundaries and being vulnerable in safe containers looks like for me.

In the time we had together, Eliana supported me through the preparation and delivery of a TEDx talk that truly helped me to know and experience my power as a leader, the hiring and firing of a business manager which taught me valuable lessons about professional relationships, and integrating the learnings from my experiences in dating, so that I am better set up for attracting someone who could be a healthy long-term partner.

Casey B

Eliana has been an excellent coach for me as I’ve navigated my career. When we first met, I was a recent college graduate and wanted a career change. I had no idea where to start and felt lost about my future. I was scarred by my first job experience and I allowed it to effect my view on potential new opportunities. Eliana made me feel heard and challenged me to think about my future in an objective way. She helped me put together a plan to narrow down what types of roles and companies I should be working for. Thanks to her, I am finally feeling confident about my future. She has been a solid support system and I know I can rely on her for guidance and honest perspective. She’s taught me to question the narrative in my head and challenge myself because that’s the best way to grow. I would recommend her services to anyone who needs help figuring out their future career path.

Avital H
Brittany B.

Eliana’s particular approach and the learning I gained, helped me rise above the noise of self-judgment, confusion and competing priorities. Her guidance helped me recognize blocks that slowed down progress towards the action I needed and goals I set
as I manage a major career transition. She’s passionate, energized and insightful – a stellar, inspiring coach.

Liz B.