About Me

Hey all! I’m excited to be introducing myself to you. If you’re here, you can probably relate to feelings, experiences and challenges I had as I navigated my life in my 20s and 30s. If you feel burnt out, are unclear on how to carve your path to professional and personal success, and you just want someone or something to help you make a real change, I’ve been there, I get it, and I want to help. So let me tell you my story.

About Me

Hey all! My name’s Eliana and I’m excited to be introducing myself to you. In my role as a Millennial Success Coach, I help ambitious millennials set goals to get them closer to their professional and personal purpose and hold them accountable to it. So how did I get here? Read my story below.

My Post-College Life

In my mid- and late 20s, I really struggled through many aspects of my life. On the surface, it seemed like I had it all: a successful career in sales that was providing a high income, a lot of awesome friendships, and a “happy & stable” romantic relationship. The truth was, on the inside, I was a confused and miserable millennial.  It didn’t start that way though. Right after I graduated, I got a job and quickly built my way up the corporate ladder at various companies. When I wasn’t at work, I spent my weekends out with friends or hanging with my boyfriend. It all felt great for a while but a few years later, that all began to change… 

My job began giving me so much anxiety and I started questioning myself every single day. Was it normal to feel this miserable and this unmotivated? To feel THIS anxious about going to work every Monday? To wait all week for Friday just to have a night out or two on the weekends and then do the whole thing all over again? I convinced myself that it was. I figured it was just part of the “adulting” process that everyone referred to so I continued to push through. In my personal life, I saw scary signs as well. I went through multiple long-term relationships and  kept finding myself in these romantic partnerships where something just didn’t feel right, which led to deep feelings of insecurity. Ironically, these feelings were also accompanied by feelings of  “security” that I felt from just being in a relationship and that was hard to let go of. These two counteracting feelings were tough to live with but I would continue to follow the same behaviors and patterns, even though they always felt wrong. Making a real and lasting change felt intimidating to me.

The Turn Around

I let these patterns overwhelm and drain me until I was completely burnt out and lost. I kept thinking, is this actually what “adulting” is all about? Feeling down and confused, I knew I needed a change – It was my boiling point. At the suggestion of a friend, I decided to invest in myself and attended a personal development seminar. It was a turning point for me, one where I realized I didn’t deserve just “getting by” and most importantly, one where I learned that I did NOT need to feel this miserable. I was entitled to a life of happiness and fulfillment. It was in my power to navigate what my path to success would look like. From there, I started to explore therapy, coaching, books and podcasts. As I began turning things around, I found myself and discovered the passion I had been lacking.

Coaching ignited something inside of me – a desire to work with and help others so I enrolled to become a Certified Professional Coach. I then began building my coaching practice as a side hustle until I was ready to go full-time. Also, in the midst of my self-discovery, I embarked on a relationship with someone new. I chose to approach the relationship with more intention, purpose and self-reflection. That person is now my husband. I accomplished what I had always hoped for, what I believed “adulting” truly meant: I had navigated my path towards personal and professional success like a boss lady. 

Moral of the Story

I’ve always been deeply interested in people and ingrained with the belief that we should all have the chance to create a life that we desire.  Coaching has given me the opportunity to help my clients learn this as well and navigate their own paths to success. My coaching encompasses the experiences, learnings and trainings that I gained navigating my confusing mid- and late 20s and in my certified coaching program to bring you the tools to succeed! While we each have a different definition of success and will each take a different path to success, we all have the ability to achieve the success we desire and deserve. You have the ability to CREATE a life of personal and professional success! You just need the tools, systems, support and accountability to do so.